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The Walkes Blueprint

What have the thinkers said about long-term future vision of Universality in (English-speaking) Freemasonry?

Upton, Haywood, and Johnson have expressed their views in 1902, 1946, and 1947.   All US Mainstream.

But are there PH thinkers who have expressed vision?

The Walkes Blueprint was presented in 1983, by the foremost PHA thinker at the time, and perhaps for the entire century.

THE WALKES BLUEPRINT  p. xi-xiii A Prince Hall Masonic Quiz Book

A 7 step program ...

1. Stop the hostile rhetoric

2. MS GLs accept PH GLs as Provincial Grand Lodges

3. Appoint/accept G. Reps to/from the PGLs

4. Open and combine facilities across G- & PG- lodges

5. Joint annual meetings of CGMNA & PH fraternities

6. Joint State-level seminars, etc

7. No interference from other houses or jurisdiction

"We can continue divided and wither away in our shame, or come together as American citizens and solve our problems once and for all, with mutual respect for each other, and continue our progress as one family, united, under the banner of Universal Freemasonry."

PHR 2008-07-04