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TSMR Web Site Thoughts

[note: old pages are still being updated and integrated into the new format]


  • This page is about this web site.
  • What are its aims? First, some important non-aims: To promote the TSMR; To promote Freemasonry; To provide a place for Masons to chat. To duplicate things that are already done better elsewhere. This web site is for Masonic Researchers in general, and for the TSMR in particular.
  • What are its priorities? First priority is to contain TSMR-specific information. Secondly, information that is related to universal freemasonry and Toronto, that is not readily found elsewhere. Thirdly, other, less-specific masonic research information, especially if new and otherwise undocumented. (Yes, there is the question of how to structure, present, enter, and maintain it all.)
  • Whom does it serve? Not just TSMR members; not just masons; everyone with a sincere interest in knowledge and truth.
  • How is it designed? (See below)
  • How can you help? (See below)

Design Thoughts

This new design has a logo, a banner, and a left-margin menu on all the high-level pages. The banner has its own (golden) menu which is about the TSMR itself.

This should make it easy for nontechnical users to find the most important menu items, pretty much everywhere. In some cases they still need to use the BACK button in their browser.

These three parts (Logo, Banner, Left-Menu) are included from a single template. The stub for a new content page is just a few lines.

The web host does not support SSI, so all the pages have to be .php to do PHP includes.

Trouble reports are always most welcome. (The colour scheme is a work in progress.) Technical suggestions for improvement are very welcome. Please keep in mind that this is intentionally minimalist. (So please don't offer to create pages that can only be maintained by proprietary software, that require supercomputers to host, and browsers with proprietary extensions on superfast PC's with vast amounts of memory, running unreliable, insecure operating systems to render, using frames, flash, java, javascripts, ... you get the picture. :-)

Here [X] [X] are examples what we don't want to be like.

We would like our web pages to render quickly and cleanly on any browser, including a text browser like lynx.