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Australian Prince Hall Recognition Policies

All six Australian Grand Lodges and the Grand Lodge of New Zealand have had guidelines for visitors from regular but unrecognized jurisdictions, such as the following:

1994.05 Grand Lodge of Tasmania: On the instructions of the Board of General Purposes, in May 1994 the Grand Secretary circulated to all lodges, to be read to brethren in lodge, directions which included the following:

Reception of American Masons

It is normal for American brethren to carry a current dues card. After the brother has presented the dues card he should be tested in the normal way. All American brethren including members of Prince Hall Lodges should be treated in the same way.

2001.10.13 The following motion was passed at the Grand Communication of the GL SA&NT:

Visitors from Prince Hall Lodges.

This Conference recommends that the Association [Grand Lodge of SA&NT Inc] permit any Prince Hall Mason to visit lodges of the Association, provided he produces proof of good standing in a lodge warranted by a Grand Lodge of Prince Hall Affiliation, and passes the tests usually imposed on an unknown visitor to prove that he is a Mason, regardless of whether his Grand Lodge has been recognised by the Association.

Formal reciprocal recognition as follows:

DATE? Queensland and Western Australia have issued unilateral recognition of all PHA GLs.

DATE? South Australia has declared willingness to recognise all PHA GLs who wish to exchange recognition.

Formal reciprocal recognition between PHA & Australian GLs did not occur until 1997, when PHA GL CT exchanged recognition with South Australia, Tasmania & Victoria. Others followed suit, but the actual PHA GLs vary from one Oz jurisdiction to another, and no Oz GL has more than 5 formal reciprocal PHA recognitions (as far as I'm aware). All recognised PHA OH in 2001/02 (in anticipation of David Gray's lecture tour).

South Australia, Tasmania and (I think) Victoria have exchanged recognition with PHA GA, at PHA GA's request.

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