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The UGLE Prince Hall Visit Ban: 1991-2000

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The UGLE Prince Hall Visit-Ban lasted from 1991.03.13 to 2000.03.08.  The ban listed specific GLs that were off-limits to UGLE-Masons because they "allowed inter-visitation with unrecognized PHGLs which operate in their jurisdiction".

1991.03.13 The UGLE Prince Hall Visit Ban was first announced against the GLs of CT WI NE WA 

1991.06.12 CO and MN were added 

1992.03.11 ND and ID were added 

1994.12.14 the UGLE determined "The philosophy and practice of Prince Hall Masonry today

           are of exemplary regularity", but the visit ban continued for 5 more years.

1998.06.10 now: KS NB NS PE QC 

2000.03.08 The UGLE Prince Hall Visit Ban ended with the GLNB, GLNS, GLPE, & GLQC left.

Notice of the 4th  quarterly communication, 8 March 2000 concerning Prince Hall Masonry, item,  5.16: "The Board has considered the additional visiting restrictions  placed for the past nine years on Brethren of the English Constitution  visiting certain Masonic Jurisdictions in North America. In brief members of  our Constitution could not visit Lodges under Grand Lodges in North America which had recognized Prince Hall Grand Lodges that the United Grand Lodge of  England had yet to recognize. It considers that these additional visiting  restriction should now be lifted and that Brethren visiting North America be subject to the same guidelines as apply when visiting elsewhere in the world,  namely that it is their duty not to associate masonically with members of unrecognized constitutions."


BGP Quarterly reports for the time period

Daniel2007, p. 286, 287, 296, 298.

CM messages, such as:

21 February, 2003 02:59:22 -0500

22 December, 2006 00:58:42 -0500

23 December, 2006 00:29:09 -0500


*[still looking for banned list change log.]

*the GLs of NB NS PE had no PH operating in their territory

*the reason that only Canadian GLs were left at the end is that those Canadian GLs were not subject to the "American Doctrine of Exclusive Territorial Jurisdiction".

*Conversely, that the GLCPO had refused to give permission to the UGLE to recognize the PHON.

*1991.07.23 Aldridge letter to Higham

*indiscriminate application would have blocked all visits between Home GLs.

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