Prince Hall Recognition Canada -- Status Summary: 2008.08.11

16 regular GLs operate in Canada, incl. PHAB:3 PHON:ON9,QC2 PHWA:BC1 GLoS:NL11 UGLE:QC2,NS1 GLdF:QC1.

3 Prince Hall grand lodges operate in Canada: PHAB:3 PHON:ON9,QC2 PHWA:BC1

5 Provinces have multiple GLs operating within them: AB BC NL NS ON QC(3).

4 Provinces have PHA lodges: AB:3 BC:1 ON:9 QC:2.

1992 All Canada Conference "All PHA Regular" ratified:  Yes: AB MB NS PE QC;  No: BC ON NL;  ?: NB SK.

AB: The GLAB recognizes Prince Hall Grand Lodge of CT(1997.06.07).

The GLAB voted "All PHA Regular" 1992.06.13.

The PHAB (formed 1997.06.07) has 3 lodges in AB.

Recognized by the GLNS(2008.06.06); GLAUQ GLAUW.

BC: The GLBC recognizes Prince Hall Grand Lodge of WA,CT(1996) OR(1998) ON(2001).

Blanket Recognition Policy 2007.06.23.

The PHWA has 1 lodge in BC (True Resolution Lodge No. 16 F.&A.M.).

MB: The GLMB recognizes Prince Hall Grand Lodge of CT(1995) OR(1998) MN(1999).

The GLMB voted "All PHA Regular" 1992.06.16.

NB: The GLNB recognizes Prince Hall Grand Lodge of ON(1992.05.08) CT(1994.05.13).

NL: The GLNL recognizes Prince Hall Grand Lodge of ON(2008.04) WA(2008.04) MN(2008.04) CT(2008.0?).

"2008.04 The GLNL BGP voted to request recognition and exchange GRs from those PH GLs with lodges

in Canada. The GLNL intends to seek recognition from other PHA GLs". (2008.07.22 Moss)

31 (UGLE and GLoS) lodges repudiated their PHA recognition and formed the GLNL (1997.11.01).

The 11 (GLoS-DGL-NL) lodges recognize Prince Hall Grand Lodge of MA(1996.11.07) CT NY OH OR bs cb.

NS: The GLNS recognizes Prince Hall Grand Lodge of ON(1994.06.03) CT(1996.06.07) AB(2008.06.06).

The GLNS voted "All PHA Regular" 1993.06.04.

ON: The GLON recognizes Prince Hall Grand Lodge of ON by Constitutional Amendment. (2008.07.16-17)

1992.07.15 The GL voted to "acknowledge legitimacy of origin of PHA"; (Not "Regular")

GL ignored PH recognition offers: ON(1900) ON(1991.08.13) CT(1994.10.29) ON(1997.08) CT(2008.03.08)

2005.07.22 GM authorized Prince Hall visitation to GL lodges by GM declaration.

The PHON (1856.08.25) has 11 lodges (ON: 1 4 9 20 25 26 27 29 32) (QC: 24 30) with about 310 members

The PHON offered intervisitation recognition to all Canadian GLs 1991.08.13.


Inter-visitation: GLPE (1992), all Australia (2001).

PE: The GLPE recognizes Prince Hall Grand Lodge of MA,CT(2001)

The GLPE voted "All PHA Regular" "for visitation purposes" 1992.06.20; (UGLE visit-banned 1992-2000).

QC: The GLQC recognizes Prince Hall GL of ON(1992.06.04) CT(1994.06.02) OR(1998.06.24) CO(2003).

The GLQC ratified "All PHA Regular" 1992.06.04.

The PHON has 2 lodges in QC (Mount Moria No.24, King David No.30).  About 50 and 20 members.

SK: The GLSK recognizes Prince Hall Grand Lodge of CT(1995.06) CO(1999.09).

"Will recognize PHA GLs on request, if UGLE-recognized." (1999.03.20 Dixon)

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PHR 2008-08-11 Toronto Society for Masonic Research