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Masonic Research Trends

[X] "The fruits of Masonic research should be available to everyone, Masons and nonmasons alike". [Oct 2004]

[X] "Today the majority of scholars engaged in [Masonic Research] are non-Masons, many of them being women". [Oct 2004]

The above two statements come from the UGLE's official MQ magazine, [launched 2002] in an article by Robert A. Gilbert, a PM of QC Lodge No. 2076 [Note that at that time, the QCCC still required "recognized MM"]

[X] The QCCC (Corresponcence Circle of QC Lodge No. 2076) has about 7,000 members. Its membership page mentions non-masonic members.

[X] The SRRS, the largest North American Masonic Research Society, does not require its 7,000 members to be Masons.

The Maryland Masonic Research Society is an example of a small North American MRS that has recently dropped the requirement that a member be a Mason.

Independent Masonic Research Societies that have required their members to be Masons have come in conflict with GL administrations. [Philalethes(ON2000,NY2003,TX2003), TSMR(ON1995,2000,2002,2003,2004)]

Academic Research Centres in Freemasonry are being established:

[X] Canonbury Masonic Research Centre (CMRC) [1998]

[X] Universität Bielefeld: Netzwerk Freimaurerforschung

[X] OVN: Foundation for the advancement of academic research into the history of freemasonry in the Netherlands

[X] University of Bradford: Web of Hiram

[X] The Australian Centre for Fraternal Studies

[X] [Y] The Roosevelt Center for the Study of Civil Society and Freemasonry

[X] Centre for Research into Freemasonry at the University of Sheffield (CRF) [2001]

[X] "The University of Sheffield's teaching affairs committees have now approved an MA programme in the history of Freemasonry and Fraternalism, the first such degree in the world, which will be launched during 2007-8." -- MW Pro GM address at 2006-12-13 UGLE QC

[X] Cornerstone Society [2004]

[X] Centro de Estudios Históricos de la Masonería Española, Universidad de Zaragoza

Others (no link known)

Chair of Philosophical and Masonic Studies "Dr. René García Valenzuela", Universidad La República, Santiago, Chile.

Interdisciplinary Research Group Freemasonry, Free University of Brussels

Institut d'études et de recherches maçonniques, Paris

Centre interdisciplinaire bordelais d'étude des lumières, Université de Bordeaux III

Internet-based Masonic Research Facilities

[X] PS Review of Freemasonry. [1996-07-17]

[X] The independent magazine "Freemasonry Today" (print & online) was launched in 1997.

Facilities ranging from online libraries of books and journals, to collections of articles on various aspects of Freemasonry, to message-based conferences, as well as blogs, podcasts, and videos of interest to masonic researchers provide vastly easier and faster access to greater amounts of information than before. Web sites, search engines, and email inform and interconnect researchers far better than before. Despite the Tragedy of the Commons, and other destructions, the good far outweighs the bad.

No longer is it necessary to meet in space and time in order to acquire or provide information, to learn or teach, to dialogue or debate, to create or decide.

All this is likely to affect the relationship between corporate structures, on one hand, and free-thinking, truth-seeking, fair-minded, socially-conscious moral philosophers, on the other.
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