Toronto Society for Masonic Research (TSMR)

The 2008 CONFERENCE OF GRAND MASTERS in North America  (CGMNA) was held in Louisville, Kentucky, Feb. 17-19.

"This year history was made when the conference invited and received a  

delegation from the Prince Hall Conference of Grand Masters, lead by  

its president, MWGM Shelton D. Redden of the MWPHGL of Maryland.

GM Redden accompanied by several past and present Grand Masters and  

two Past Masters attended the conference and were graciously received."

Prince Hall Grand Masters / Past Grand Masters who were present with MWGM Redden:

MWGM Hugh R. Harlan of Kentucky

MWGM Donald Austin of Iowa

MWPGM William F. Milton, Sr. of Virginia (Executive Secretary, Conference of Prince Hall Grand Masters)

MWPGM Pink Gardner of Kentucky

The following brief captions may be expanded, time permitting:

GM Redden is standing with GM Onkst and his wife in one picture (159).

GM Redden is also standing with MWGM Jack Biggs, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Maryland.

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