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Anglo-American Freemasonry

  • [X] United Grand Lodge of England -- the Premiere Grand Lodge
  • [X] Conference of Grand Masters of Masons in North America (CGMNA)
  • [X] Phylaxis Society Commission on Bogus Masonic Practices
  • [X] Anti-Anti Attack Web Site

Traditional Cosmopolitan Free Masonry

  • [X] Forum FM-Europe
  • [X] Grand Orient of France
  • [X] Grand Orient of the USA
  • [X] The Grand Lodge of All England at York
  • [X] Regular Grand Lodge of England
  • [X] Lodge Hiram, GODF, London, Est. 1899
  • [X] Liberal French Free Masonry

Toronto Options:

In Toronto, someone who wishes to be a Freemason, has several options (corrections, comments, and questions invited):

GLCPO       -- Male, religious; does not recognize 150,000 Black Masons; "regular"; 10,000 members in Toronto.
PHGLON    -- Male, religious, mostly Black; "regular". (This, and the following, have under 100 members in Toronto)
OWF           -- Female, "works on the lines of regular male Freemasonry"; recognizes no others.
GO USA     -- Male,   absolute freedom of conscience, cosmopolitan, progressive;[X] cf: GOdF GWU GLFF GLFGWGLB
GWU          -- Mixed, absolute freedom of conscience, cosmopolitan, progressive;cf: GOdF & GLFF
DH             -- Mixed, relative freedom of conscience
GLI            -- Mixed, Italian-speaking, AASR
M+M          -- Mixed, deeply esoteric.
Theosophy   -- Not Freemasonry, but may be of interest to some (potential) Freemasons. [X][X] [X]
Freethought -- Are Free-Masons free-thinkers? [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X]

The GLCPO has 100 lodges in the Toronto area. Most are the same. (Demographically, one might expect over 200 lodges in Toronto.) About 250 Masons are initiated in Toronto each year. In 15 years, 20,000 joined the GLCPO, 30,000 died, and 20,000 quit. [X] 1/3 quit before the third degree. Who quit? When? Why did they join? Why did they quit? Perhaps it's best to know what the options are, to do thorough research, to get involved informally, and to have realistic expectations, before applying? Perhaps a potential applicant should take care to thoroughly investigate the following:

Attitudes about women, about race, about religion. Governance. Integrity between principle and practice.