(1)  The Toronto Society for Masonic Research




(2)  This Society is a forum for the presentation of views and the discussion of opinions on matters of Masonic Educational Interest.


Matters pertaining to the constitution, government of a lodge or rendition of the ceremonies are not discussed as these do not fall within the purview of this Society.




(3)  The officers of the Society shall be---Patron, President, Treasurer, and Secretary.

(4)  The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, Past Presidents, Treasurer, Secretary and

such other brethren as the President may appoint. The committee shall have supervision over the finances and general affairs of the Society, including the disposal of all applications. The committee shall meet at the call of the President. The committee shall report their recommendations to the Society, at the next succeeding meeting.




(5)  The regular meeting shall be held on the Fourth Wednesday of each month, except during the summer

recess (June to September). The President may call special meetings at his discretion.


At the September Meeting the Treasurer and Secretary shall present their reports following which the officers for the ensuing year shall be nominated, elected and installed.




(6)  Membership in this Society is open to Master Masons in good standing under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario, or under the jurisdiction of a Grand Lodge which is in fraternal communication therewith. The Society may elect as honorary members, with full priviledges, such distinguished brethren as may have rendered signal service to the Craft, and such members shall be exempt from the payment of dues.






(7)  The dues shall be $10.00 per annum payable in advance. Any Brother joining during the financial year shall pay dues prorata for the unexpired portion.




(8)  The funds shall be devoted to current expenses such as are necessary in the work of the Society, and to printing and publishing, and distributing those addresses, papers and articles on Masonry and allied subjects, as the Society may from time to time direct.


Order of Business


(9)  The order of business shall be:

      Reading and Confirming the minutes

      Receiving Reports of Committees

      Reading Correspondence

      General Business

      Exhibition of Articles of Interest

      Address or Paper


      Questions and Answers

Unless this order of business be altered at the discretion of the presiding officer.


General Procedure


(10)        Every brother, who presents a paper before the Society, will be expected to deposit two copies with

the Secretary.


September 2000