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Toronto Lodge of Masonic Research -- 1922-10-28

Minutes of a meeting of the Toronto Lodge of Masonic Research, held in the Yonge Street Temple on Saturday, October 28th 1922, at 8:15 p.m.


the Secretary read a letter from R.W. Bro. W.M. Logan, Grand Sec'y, containing a message from M.W. Bro. W.N. Ponton, K.C., G.M. to the effect that he would not decide as to the legitimacy of our using the words "Lodge" and "Master" until he had conferred with M.W. Bros. F.W. Harcourt and W.D. McPherson. Sec'y read also the Amendment to the Report of The Special Committee on "The Grotto", as printed on page 320 of the Proceedings for 1922. In connection with the above letter, the Sec'y reported that he had a few minutes conversation with R.W. Bro. Logan at St. Andrew's Centennial Meeting, during which the latter had spoken in friendly and sympathetic terms of our efforts and objects, and had suggested that if we ceased to use the words "Lodge" and "Master" we would find our progress less hampered by official obstacles.

The discussion then became general, until a motion was offered by W. Bro. Evans, seconded by Bro. Wallace, that the name of this body be changed to The Toronto Society for Masonic Research. This motion was withdrawn at the suggestion of R.W. Bro. Nixon and, instead, the Sec'y was instructed to to write the Grand Sec'y and ask whether, in view of the above-mentioned Amendment, we could be permitted to use the word "Masonic" if we changed "Lodge" to "Society" and "Master" to "Chairman" for our presiding officer. Carried.


Meeting adjourned at 10:30 p.m.

N.W.J. Haydon               E.W.L. Mitchell
Secretary                   Chairman pro tem

[transcribed 2007-01-12 by Peter Renzland, President]