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TLMR Report to Grand Master 1922-05-29

Report to M.W. Bro. Lt. Col. Ponton, K.C.
Grand Master
                                                 564 Pape Avenue
                                         Toronto, May 29th. 1922
Dear Sir and Most Wor. Brother,
Herewith I have the honor to submit a Report of the first two years of the Toronto Lodge of Masonic Research, in the hope that you will be pleased with our efforts to increase the spread of Masonic Knowledge, and that you will also be good enough to give us mention in your address to Grand Lodge, so that Brethren outside Toronto may know what we are doing, and be encouraged in the same service to our Order.

During 1918 and 1919 about 150 local Brethren had become readers of "The Builder", the valuable monthly journal of the National Masonic Research Society of Iowa, and in December 1919 a circular letter was sent each one inviting their attendance at a meeting in January to consider the prospects for organizing a Lodge of Research in Toronto.

Four appeared in person, and some half dozen more wrote their encouragement. The chair was taken by that ardent veteran, R.W. Bro. J.B. Nixon, "70 years young", who is so well and honorably known as the dispenser of relief for Grand Lodge. We decided that a collective effort to obtain more light was a worthy one, and that, as we could reasonably hope to increase in numbers and usefulness, the best way to make a beginning was -- to begin.

At the meeting in February, three new faces appeared, and a tentative set of Bylaws was drawn up, modelled on those of the Quatuor Coronati Lodge of London, England, and of the Lodge of Research of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Since then we have met regularly, every fourth Saturday, except during the summer closings and our signatories have increased to 26, tho it is also true that a few have fallen by the way-side. Our enthusiasm is still "going strong", and all our meetings have been marked by a lively interest in many lines of Masonic enquiry.

We have to thank V.W. Bro. C.B. Murray for the shelter he has allowed us, and "The Masonic Sun", and "The Toronto Blue Book", for publicity kindly extended to us. We expect to still further justify our existence, not alone by our efforts to become intelligent Masons, but by publishing in the near future, a little pamphlet, for the benefit of those new to our order, of which we shall be careful to submit to you advance proofs for your expert criticism and approval.

If this effect proves successful, intellectually and financially, we have further plans for usefulness and we do not doubt but what further avenues will become open to us.

Respectfully + Fraternally
N.W.J. Haydon        J.B. Nixon
Secretary            Master

[transcribed 2007-01-12 by Peter Renzland, President]