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TLMR Meeting 1920-02-28

Minutes of a meeting of Brethren interested in the formation of a Lodge of Masonic Research in the city of Toronto, held in the Masonic Temple, Yonge Street, on Saturday, February 28th 1920 at 8 p.m.

Present WB HM Boddy (Riverdale) and Bros. D Cockburn (Zetland), NWJ Haydon, Thos. Pretty and TR Swinscoe (York)., RWB Nixon & Bro. Wallace being absent through sickness. Wor. Bro. Boddy took the chair, and Bro, Haydon acted as Secy. Some further letters of encouragement and several verbal messages of goodwill were communicated by the Secretary.

It was moved by Bro. Pretty, seconded by Bro. Swinscoe that the Sec'y write the Grand Master detailing an outline of the proposed Lodge and asking his approval, with a view to applying for a dispensation later.

The matter of a set of Bylaws was then taken up and the following, as per copy, were drawn up for submission to the Grand Master and agreed to by all present as suitable, tentatively modelled on the constitutions of the Quatuor Coronati and Halifax Lodges of R.

Wor. Bro. Boddy, Bro. Pretty + Bro. Haydon paid their fees as charter members and the meeting ajourned until Saturday, March 27th.

Proposed Bylaws of the Toronto Lodge of Masonic Research drawn up at a meeting held in the Masonic Temple Yonge Street, Toronto, on Saturday February 28th 1920.

The name of this body shall be
     The Toronto Lodge of Masonic Research

The place of meeting shall be
     The Masonic Temple, Yonge Street, Toronto

The time of meeting shall be
     The fourth Saturday in each month

The officers shall be
     Worshipful Master          Deputy Master
     Senior Warden              Junior Warden
     Hon. Secretary and Treasurer
It is hoped that the Most Worshipful the Grand Master will graciously act as Worshipful Master during his term of office, the other officers will be elected from the Resident Members.

The Members may be either Resident or Associate (Non-Resident). They must be in good standing in some Regular Lodge. They must also be subscribers to some approved journal devoted to Masonic Research.

The Entrance Fee shall be Two Dollars and the Annual Fee One Dollar. As the funds of the Lodge are to be used entirely for literary and scientific purposes, there will be no banquets held at the expense of the Lodge.

     J.B. Nixon      Chairman
     N.W.J. Haydon   Acting Secretary

[Transcribed by Peter Renzland, 2007]