TSMR: 1917 Pre-Origin Nature, Aims, and Scope.

The book "Whence Come We?", produced in 1979 by the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario, on page 232 contains:

The Toronto Society for Masonic Research.

In 1917 the Chairman of the Committee on the Condition of Masonry, R.W. Bro. William N. Ponton, made a helpful proposal.

"It has been suggested that an organization on the lines of the Round Table, entirely voluntary, and composed of those who have similar tastes and the spirit of research and a desire to advance the real interest of the craft, in its history, literature, philosophy and administration, might be formed in groups of active workers, who would share with their brethren the results of their studies and conferences together."

As an indirect result of this impulse the Toronto Society for Masonic Research was founded ...